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Pengalamanku Bergabung DiKomunitas Nusaresearch


Mungkin Postingan Kali ini saya tidak akan banyak berkata-kata lagi tentang Pengalaman saya selama menjadi anggota NUSARESEARCH,  karena saya sebelumnya sudah memostingnya di Pengalamanku Bergabung Dalam Komunitas Nusaresearch tentang hal-hal menarik saat bergabung di NUSARESEARCH.

Saya Hanya akan berbagi tentang beberapa keuntungan menjadi anggota Nusaresearch yang pasti sangat berharga buat anda yang baru akan menjadi anggota sbb:
Tapi sebelumnya anda harus mendaftar dulu sebagai anggota NUSARESEARCH


Anda Semua Bisa Lihat Point yang sangat mudah kita dapat bisa bagi-bagi pulsa keteman, orang tua dan terserah mau diapakan pokoknya kita puas.
 makanya mulai sekarang teman-teman boleh daftar  

Sumber ganbar :

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Fur dance Londong From Mamasa

Londong Feather Dance is a traditional dance performed as a thanksgiving event Rambutuka 'backgrounds called Sanaya vows, having been cured of the disease suffered by a person or succeed in the dance battle dilakonkan by a number of men. More and more dancers are more lively. Clothing and equipment:

1. Clothing: Wear custom Mamasa

2. Tool: Human Head, sengo, Trumpet natural bamboo spear / sword, untak.


Made Mamasa Tourism And Cultural Assets-West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi Provincial Government Makes Mamasa Tourism and Cultural Assets

Head of Youth Culture Sports and Tourism of West Sulawesi, Madareski Salating, in Mamuju on Tuesday, said the district Mamasa distinasi proclaimed itself a tourist area in the province of West Sulawesi. Mamasa district which is located 300 kilometers from the provincial capital of West Sulawesi Mamuju, has seumlah tourism assets and cultural mainstay that will appeal to tourists both from the archipelago and abroad to visit.

Government in the provision Sulbar will make Mamasa cultural tourism assets and a mainstay of West Sulawesi province to be exhibited at the glittering event to be held in Sulawesi, West Sulawesi in June.

Sulawesi glittering event as a platform to promote cultural activities and assets that exist in Sulawesi tour will be followed by six province on the island of Sulawesi, South Sulawesi Province, among others, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Gorontalo and West Sulawesi province hosts.

In the event that a program Sulawesi sheen Ministry of Culture and Tourism is in it will be implemented a number of activities that include, carnival culture, and cultural exhibits. "Event in West Sulawesi Sulawesi sheen will be held in two places at the beach pavilion Manakarra Mamuju later Hotel D maleo , this event will be opened by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, "he said.

Salatin says, show sheen in West Sulawesi Sulawesi planned to be held to coincide with the anniversary of Mamuju on July 14 in 2011, so that the event can be occurred more festive.

He hopes with a main event Sulawesi sheen that can lead to greater tourism sector in particular Sulawesi West Sulawesi Province in order to enhance regional economic

Mamasa Culture Dance Manganda

Mamasa culture. Manganda dance, Come from Regional Mamasa (West Sulawesi)

Manganda dance 'or a dance that expresses the sukur after the war in Mamasa district has been introduced in China in the cultural festival in the State Ginseng.
"Dance manganda 'was introduced in China during the cultural festival attended by hundreds of state in the country," said Head of Culture and Tourism District in Tanga Ediso Mamasa Harnal Mamuju, Tuesday.
He said, which is a dance Manganda cultural heritage and traditions of the kings first in Mamasa, has been introduced as a cultural heritage of Indonesia.
According to her, dance is often performed with Manganda clothing empire Mamasa war, and conducted dozens of people as the dancers, having recognized the artistic value of art and culture as well as a very high among other countries in the world.
"Dance Manganda now, is a dance that is often displayed on the welcome ceremony VIPs who visit the District Mamasa, Mamasa is to show that the area is rich in tourism assets as well as a tourist icon Sulbar," he said.
Tanga said, in addition to dance Manganda, Mamasa also has a wealth of other war dance that has the artistic dance Dance Londong Bulo, it also expresses a victory dance warriors in battle.
"This dance is also to welcome important guests who come to Mamasa," said Tanga.
He said that besides war dance, Mamasa also has a wealth of other dances, including dance Burake indicating origin stories of village residents Mamasa Pa'na Polman towards Sumarorong in Mamasa district.
Then he said, Malluya constitutes dance as a form of gratitude to god on an event such as weddings highest nobles. According to her, dance is a tourism asset that could be introduced and will attract tourists who want to see the cultural diversity of the area
Therefore, he requested that West Sulawesi provincial government launched a program to preserve the culture of the dance in order to be able to culture for Mamasa as the iconic area of ​​culture and tourism province of West Sulawesi.

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